Barbour Jackets For the Active Lifestyle

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The latest designs in the Barbor Jackets range, built for comfort and strength, are geared to the best of your outdoor style. Our waxed cotton, duraline and lightweight dry fly range in both traditional and modern styles await your distinctive eye. The signatures of Barbour ‘s sports motorcycling, hunting , fishing and other active jackets, which are rugged, lightweight and water-resistant always represent your perfect taste.

If you’re looking for a classy antique range, a Heritage line or maybe the latest on the market, our Barbor jacket, raincoat, male and female line, our post is your one-stope store. Wherever you are looking for Take a look at our options and discover other bigger and smaller sizes, which avoid searching for dimensions that are hard to locate.


What is in store? What is in store?

These famous collections are of great value at prices that don’t harm the pocket: the comfortable cutting jackets, the slim international collection and even the Chelsea series. If you look for a specific size or design, be free to ask, as we have a wide selection of the Heritage Collection available.




The stylish and trusty diamond quilt assembly in polyester wadding softly helps you to never get stuck constantly in snow-cool and cold weather with this cosy jacket line which is perfect for cool outside searches of energetic living conditions. The cordless collar, adjustable waistlines, internal zip pockets, personalised fits as well as the multi-use spacious external pockets are just a few features for which you are usually coming back and for full versatility they are wisely included in this set. Take these jackets designed especially for combating frost and water


* Barbor Jacket Fastback Quilted in stylish or probably black maritime.

* Quilted red jacket on Barbour Lakeside

* Barbor Jacket Matt Slimmer Cut in Olive Quilted Finchley

* Knightsbridge Barbor Quilted dark brown and blackened jacket

* Barbor Matt Barnes Suit Jacket in dark brown Quilted Tailor

* Quilt Jacket Barbor Chelsea Sports

* Other *


Foreign AUTHENTIC LINE for Outdoor Smith’s STATE-OF-THE-art


The highest expression of style obviously never gives comfort and sustainability a compromise. Study these priority selections for your jet setter. These jackets are available in slimmer and lighter versions than our classics, but they still have heavy weights. These secure fire jacks remain stand-alone against wear and tear in any weather type and are proved with exactly the same attention to quality as Barbour Heritage is known for. Attractive and light for warm weather, but with the range of their Barbor tartan linings, Barbor Beacon linings or maybly Union Jack mesh linings, it offers unique protection in sudden cold explosions.


* Foreign Jacket Jacket Barbor Memory Union

* Mid weight waxed sage jacket barbor cable telemark

* International Barbor Short Waxed Black Jacket

* Barbor International Slimmer Cut Fiber Jacket

* Barbor Vintage Cotton Yellow and Black International Jacket

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Our set of Bourbon Flyweight preserves your hectic way of life. These lightweight jackets shield you from summer heat, but are still usable until fall. Their two unlined fabrics offer the slimmer look in fair weather exploits, which are your personal style, better hug and draped. These are sure champions right where the action finds you, groomed to the waterproof Barbour signature.


* Barbor Waxed Tourer Black Flyweight Jacket

* Flyweight Jacket Barbor Chelsea

* Sandstone Barbor Duralinen Dry Fly Jacket

* The flyweight waxed jacket of Barbour Durham Kagoule in Navy

* Olive and Olantic Blue Barbor Dry Fly Antique Cotton Jacket

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