Do Animated Videos Help Boosting Website Traffic?

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Recall how the web started off? It was just a web of text documents and nearly us saw the web travel. Of course, the things have changed and the presence of pictures, audios and video clips is now a typical sight.

This new online aspect has had a major impact on marketing methods and the demand for new, informative, state-of-the-art and interactive marketing techniques is enormous. And what would be better than animated videos?


Animated films are an effective tool that can have a major impact on the world of digital marketing and promotion. Although it may appear to be a newcomer for the unfamiliar, technology giants use it for years. In addition to companies like Apple, Fujitsu and eBay, Microsoft used animated video clips for MS Office and Windows. Google then picked up on the idea and began a liveliness campaign in 2012 as well.


Thinking about the minimal cost of production, and the fact that these are far more attractive and visible to the audience, digital marketing will be full of all sorts of video clips and the notion that animated films will work as a major marketing tool is not wrong.

See how animated videos can help increase the traffic on the site:


Psychological Impact


Most of 60% of visitors prefer to watch videos because they are easily accessible. The audience is much easier to hold a video explaining the dedication of the organisation to its programs and commitments. In addition, it is well known that people are much more intrigued about videos; people tend to connect immediately to animated images. That is why people who watch videos are more likely to buy jasa video animasi or product 89 percent more often. In any event, the viewing of videos is better than reading text.


Huge Potential


Just the imagination is restricting when it comes to animated images. This particular media form has a long-lasting longevity. Animated videos are often kept as short as possible, as a generally accepted rule. This is achieved in order to keep the viewer for the entire duration of the video and naturally to keep the cost of production down.


All you have to do is generally take full advantage of consistency and imagination.


Complementing the Brand Picture


Of all of the available complex channels, digital production is among the most flexible options for anyone seeking to make a potentially viable animated advertising campaign. Such animations can be used seamlessly to add to the current picture or perhaps theme of the business.


All said, online videos are the supreme cause of driving sales and traffic, and account for over ninety percent of the worldwide internet traffic. These investments are long-term and can be widely used by both small, large and medium-sized brands.

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