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In the broad choice of self-defense articles available nowadays for private citizens, only a few of them are quality instruments which are exceptional for self-defense. The Hot Shot Stun Gun is such an extraordinary weapon!!

The Hot Shot Sun Gun is most likely manufactured by Stun Master, the world’s leading maker of stun weapons. For almost 20 years they have lived and are considered the granddad of all of them.


The Hot Shot Stun Gun is very recent, but in the industry it has made a difference. What separates it from the rest?

SIZE 3 is around the size of a mobile phone in the Hot Picture. This is possibly one of the world’s smallest weapons. It is very thin, and you can take it in your bag or maybe pocket very easily. On your free belt clip hold it.


The Hot Shot has 975,000 volts of pure power waiting for the bad guys to be released and put on their butts. The Hot Shot is one of the world’s most effective stun guns.

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The lifetime warranty is included in the Warranty Hot Shot Stun Gun. That’s not getting any better.


FEATURES The Hot Shot Stun Gun comes with 3 lithium batteries so you don’t have to go to the store until you are about to kill the bad guys. A rubber belt clip is also included. This makes it easy to carry, and it also looks like a cell phone or maybe pager. This smartly built super stopper has a protected switch and a bright rotary light that tells you that you are ready to free your assailant.


PRICE The MSRP is $64.95, which makes it a “best buy” user.


A few more ideas. I advise that a potential intruder be given a charging stun gun with a warning of “returning.” Often the sight and sound of a charging stun gun will scare the bad guying guys.


Up to 1⁄2 inches of fabric can move via a stun gun. If the intruder strikes you, you need not think about being surprised. Isn’t going to occur! You will not get the present. It will be surprised by a 1⁄2 inch of garments.


In case you are in the industry, looking for consistency, performance, and also a bigger LEGALITY for a self defence product. In some states, stun guns are not legal. Initially, before you get one, consult the local police department. The Hot Shot Stun Gun must be close to the top of your list.

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