Humanist Funeral Services

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Humanist funeral services are commemorative rituals for those who have not carried out a particular religion or who do not have a faith. Statistics show that almost one half of men and women living in the United States enjoy humanistic service. People also live their lives affiliated with a religion or church and since they did not practice the faith during their lifetime, they opted for a humanist funerary service.

The link between death and religious teachings is just one feature of a funeral service, which is why many prefer a humanist ceremony. Family and friends meet during this specific form of service to remember death and give shared support and the sorrow of one another.

This form of service may be provided by a family or friend. At times, families can prefer to have an office part of the clergy, but without religious overtones. The service ceremony involves burial, community music and literature or poetry readings by various authors which may have had a specific significance on the part of the deceased.


In funeral ceremonies as in Protestant and Catholic services, group participation is growing popular. If you would like to make a speech at the funeral, you should first speak to your relatives, so that you can allot time as part of the funeral order.

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Although this unique form of funeral service is not related to religious philosophy, it allows family members to complain and to acknowledge the death of their friend.

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