New Sponsors for the New Season 2010-11 Premier League Jerseys

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It is clear nowadays that it costs a lot of cash to operate a modern football team. To be prepared to keep a team still competitive, coaches and other support staff pay ever higher salaries. This is partly due to the fact that a football club wants money. The rich financial support in the form of sponsorship is a key contributor to a constant stream of revenue.

Alongside Shirt sponsorships for the 2010 11 season, the Premier League alone boasts £100 m and an improvement of £28.11 m in 2010.10. and you can also vtv6 trực tuyến bóng đá hôm nay.


In this time , 5 teams sign new agreements with a brand-new sponsor, while Liverpool and Manchester United, who have both signed new agreements worth £ 20 million a year, are at the top of the sales charts. Liverpool has ended its 18 year Carlsberg affiliation following a brand new agreement with Standard Chartered Bank, while Manchester United has agreed to an agreement with AON after concluding the agreement with AIG. In contrast to their previous Carlsberg contract, Liverpool’s contract with Standard Chartered would see them raise another £12.55 million a year.


Both Aston Villa and Fulham agree to a brand new Forex contract. After having offered their shirt sponsorship to charity Acorns in previous seasons, Aston Villa decided to conclude an agreement with FxPro. The brand new FxPro contract will gain £5 million annually. Fulham also reached an agreement with Forex Trading, which saw them gain around £ 1 million more than their previous agreement with LG.


Blackpool has signed a new contract with Wonga, which is just half a million, at the bottom of the list for sponsorship revenues. However, this only marks an improvement of £ 300,000 from last season ‘s contract with Carbrini.


This year, however, a lot of teams in the leading class will never know any improvement in sponsorships that you see on their shirts and often they have actually seen a drop in revenue from their sponsors such as Newcastle United and Sunderland. Newcastle ‘s contract with Northern Rock has declined from £4.8 to £2.5 million while Sunderland has negotiated with Tombola to gain £ 1.5 million in the preceding season.

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