Office Recycling Bins

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In helping us recycle waste, recycling bins play an important role. By using a number of bins to divide waste by form, we can increase the amount that can be reused. Instead of putting them in a single bin and separating them later it is better to isolate other recyclates, cardboards, tin cans, plastics or paper, specifically to where they are used. It doesn’t mean that many containers are needed for a complex solution. A midfield blends recycling with ease.

In a single container, you can place paper and cardboard in clear plastic bottles in another, tin cans in an extra waste bin. This 4 bin solution would be a massive improvement when everything is thrown into one bin. They dry the recyclates, since there is no contamination of the items by fluid or food waste. It also reduces the quantity of sorting that is required at a later level, which is time-intensive and complex. A new, separated waste product is actually less costly to recycle and is likely the most significant step in the way of 100% recycling.


For this recycling approach to be incorporated in your workplace, you need a change from the regular setup, where everybody has a bin by their table and just puts it in everything. They should ideally be replaced by recycled tanks, all stored in the same spot, preferably somewhere with easy access for your employees. All of your recycling containers are essential to making it convenient for workers to recycle. When the paper bin is in a single room, the workers should remember where to go and it starts to be a complicated solution. The secret is simplicity.

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A change in attitude of the workers is also required for the success of the new recycling system. They must realise the advantages of recycling and how they will have fun helping with the brand new system. The mild frustration of having to travel a short distance to get rid of waste brings immense recycling benefits. It is your duty to teach them in the brand new system and explain why it is so important.

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You certainly need to contact those who collect the business waste and chat about it with them if this scheme sounds like something in which you believe and wish the company to do. If they cannot have a similar solution, then the time will be ripe to turn to a competitor. Pay yours to be a null waste planet in favour of the earth and begin now!

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