Prepaid Legal Services Review – Should You Join?

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Legal Prepaid Services History:

Prepaid Legal Services , Inc. is a marketing network that concentrates on the marketing of Middle America legal affiliation plans. The arrangements include unrestricted legal services, letter writing, preparation and review of papers, traffic infringement defense, defense of automotive criminal charges and a general defense proceedings. They effectively permit buyers to seek legal counsel and lawyers for a portion of the costs beyond the membership.


Harland Stonecipher launched Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. in 1973. The flagship is the Life Events Programme, and more than 1.5 million participants happen to be in North America today. Several years ago, the membership was augmented by the feature “Identity Theft.” The strength of Prepaid Legal is that it sells a special service which people can really profit from any economic status. In the traditional business or network marketing industry, it has almost no real competition.

Leadership and education


Prepaid Legal Services is operated by a range of leading network commercial and advertisement agencies, both reported and dynamic. The team includes a number of accomplished MLM veterans including Jeff Olson and the co-CEOs Randy Mark and Harp Brow, in addition to founding Harland Stonecipher. Furthermore, there are many seasoned veterans on the board of directors. One such example is Stephen R. Hague, currently a member of the Board, a 35 year old insurance veteran, who served as Ceo and President of several insurance businesses. When Addison left in 2003, Hague replaced former member of the board, John Addison, co-CEO of Primerica.


Prepaid Legal focuses primarily on building a company using offline construction methods such as contacting the warm market and selling business DVDs to sharp people. This technique of “DVD Exposure” has exploded in North America in hiring numbers. This said, they have recently launched an online presentation, pages and webinars for reps who want to control the Web and do their own business.


What are the benefits and advantages exactly?


Prepaid Legal has many enticing features if you’re trying to partner with a network marketing firm. They are good leaders for coaching and fostering the foundations of building a marketing network business. The methods taught are easy and efficient, given that you don’t mind getting close to your warm market. Another appealing feature is to use a lot of software, processes and services to hire people to your business if you are not ready to give presentations. Another aspect that could attract you if you look at Prepaid Legal as a business opportunity is that it provides you with a substantial cash flow that can only be created through ads and consumer acquisition. Briefly, Prepaid Legal is an amazing car for an average person to embark and be successful.

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The potential for a delegate to be offered a refund is one drawback (if you want to call it that) that Prepaid Law is. This means that if a customer cancels his membership in the first 12 months, the customer is paid for the commission when the book has been dropped. I don’t really consider it a drawback because any business, traditional or MLM, has a sort of refund feature when a commission is charged for a customer who cancels, for example. Insurance for life.


Finally, Prepaid Legal Services , Inc. is a well-known organization that markets a business in a ground-floor industry. In addition to providing a good service along with a comprehensive pay plan, the argument you will continue to purchase and retain the service is an important consideration for people with no interest in MLM to consider if you want to build a broad customers base that will pay you residuals for decades to come.

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