Quality Vs Quota – The Jeopardized Indian Democracy

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There has been a lot of struggle between the governing party and India’s supreme court. The twenty-seven percent reservation for the OBCs would be the primary aim of the Congresese Party and its supporters in all the educational institutions. Where clearly specified by the court, what are the terms for reservations and the creamy layer excluded from the OBC ‘s benefit? In defence of not protecting the OBC ‘s interests, but their own very own too reliable voting banks, the governing group is reluctant to move back again.


Talent and efficiency will definitely be the equal and natural choice for the intellectual class. How about power, the hungry politicians who simply don’t want to take it easily, and turn the tables on their hopeful constituents. In the face of such apparent diversity, India is too tightly bound together. Background has it and it is exposed by statistics. The politicians are making every unusual problem and are trying to establish discord among their own people. Have you tried hard to see the inflation that rises through boundaries and springs? Why did they not wake about the gravity of Vidharva’s smoothly endless series of suicides? The remark that the political system must be kept responsible for the serious situation in this country will not be over-exaggerated. What would have been appropriate to satisfy the appetite of the poorest possibly is a gracious focus on the rich’s pot bowels. They have not swelled their bank accounts overnight. In this respect, Less said equals 1000 terms.


In India, politicians will take advantage of different avenues. Once reservations are also made in sports worldwide, the day will not be long. In any case, no Dhoni or Tendulkar are you going to see but a group of incompatible officers just like fillers. There is no shortage of choices if the reservation is revised to a full bloom that perpetuates more caste inequality. See the Indian army, which is no longer a war front soldier .. Go ahead and even split the army into caste and religion.

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Regardless of India as potentially the fastest developing democracies in the world, highly successful PR instruments, the slow economic increase is a much better index. The indifference of the top brass in the management of root issues may be attributed to all this. Recognizing every class and faith is not at all a bad mood, but it maligned the true essence of democracy when it was accomplished like a misintentioned endeavour. The endless list of categorization and reservation of colleges, jobs and promotions is nothing genuinely democratic. For several dignified candidates who burn midnight oil it will be a jolt to hit precisely where they really merit it. In a matter of years, only a handful of bright architects from an abundance and modern India of aspirants with no real skill will churn out our best management and engineering institutes?


On one hand one hopes to make India a world power and, on the other, little can be done to stop many scholars from working. Without only other IITians and IIMians, the private actors in the country or even elsewhere want talent. They do not believe in compromises with the standard of work, unlike their government counterparts. Why are they prepared to enter a person in God’s name according to some illogical reservation of castes and allow a competitor to pass the tent.

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